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I have to say it’s been a very long time since the time I heard and liked my first song. It was a different time back then. No phone music or Spotify or Wynk nor YouTube. The first song that I listened to was on a cassette and I remember us having a song cassette player with speakers in our house. The very first song that struck a chord in me was Daddy Cool by a band called Boney M.

The Band consisted on 4 Singers with the Band “Eruption” playing in the background. 3 female vocals with 1 Male Vocals with a strong BASS VOICE ( there is a reason the last 2 words are in CAPS, you should listen to the bass coming out of his vocal cords, a true gift) and also check out the dance moves.

The Cassette was named “Hits of Boney M” and Daddy Cool would be on side 2, for all the 2k kids reading this, It means for Side 2 you would have 2 turn the cassette and put it in the other side. There were many hits in that album like Sunny, Ma Baker, Brown girl in the ring etc.

Here is the funny story - My dad likes to watch a lot of news and I wanted to listen to Boney M, So my mom was caught in the middle of the Battle. So she got me a mobile cassette player and it had a feature called FM and this is the time Radio industry was booming and I still remember the ever famous lines in 98.3 “ Radio Mirchi ithu Semma hot’u machi. After I got that cassette player there was no stopping me, I would listen to all the cassettes that we had in the house. Boney M, ABBA, John Denver etc.

So that’s how I got introduced to music. Fell in love with the BASS VOICE in Boney M, The chorus section in Dancing Queen and the guitar on John Denver when I was 6. It’s been 20 years since that day I got the cassettes but I still remember it to this day.

Let me know which song was the first song you ever liked. Thank you for reading.

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Aug 19, 2021

It’s pleasure to read and see your childhood through music ! Thanks for this post !

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